Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Something Fishy Going On

 I'm back!

And I've gone fishing!

Thanks to a little inspiration from a wonderful artist, Marlaine Verhelst.

She has created a wonderful doll called "the Elf and his Fish."  I haven't felt creative lately but I think Marlaine is just what I needed.

The fish is just the beginning.
He is made of a toilet paper roll, a styrofoam egg, and Paperclay.
His eyes are supposed to be marbles, but I had a couple of Swarovski crystals lying around and they were the perfect size.

I decided that he has to have scales so I made them by cutting a drinking straw at an angle, and pressing it into the wet clay to make a pattern.

Eventually fishy wishy will get painted.
Keep posted and I will show you my progress!

Happy fishing!

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