Monday, May 30, 2016


Today is Monday -- Memorial Day -- and since I had some time off from work I took the time to make some photos of my most recent doll.  She was done some time ago but I haven't shared her yet.  Here she is!  Her name is Anaïs and she is made entirely of fabric.  
She is some sort of eclectic mix between Persian princess and victorian sass.  She loves orchids and feathers, and so do I.

Here are some "details":

Swarovski beaded bracelet

"trapunto" hair
Trapunto is a quilting technique where yarn, batting or stuffing is added inside the layers of fabric to give pronounced "stuffed" effect.  The doll's hair is sewn on and "stuffed."

Thread with a crystal on top, "growing" on the orchid

Anais was a lot of fun to make.  Happy Memorial Day and Happy Dolling!
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