Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hair in the Wind

Go with the Flow!

This doll will never have a "bad hair day."  Her hair is permanently blowing freely in the wind!

Her hair is made entirely of fabric.  It's very detail-oriented and tons of fun.  This type of hairdo is like an artistic license to go 130 miles down a deserted road.  Nobody is looking, nobody minds.  And it feels amazing to create it!

She has a "part" down the middle (and a pin that I have been using here and there...)

I gave her a sort of "diva" curl- a mix of the roaring 20's and "something else!"  I guess that something else is ME.


Thus far, the hair is made up of two odd-shaped "gloves" that are haphazardly sewn onto the head.
There is no particular shape or reason to it... just a bunch of random folding and fun.

To make the "gloves, simply draw it out on the fabric, right sides together.  Sew and turn, stuff it a just a little, and sew onto the head.  You can add pipe cleaners if you like, so you can control the "movement."  Enourage folding, so it looks like wavy hair.  You will want to use lots of pins to make everything stay in place, then sew it down with small stitches.  That's it!

The result may look a little "extreme" but I have faith that this is going to be terribly fun-looking when she's all done.

I'm thinking some kind of hat with a big ostrich feather?  I have not decided yet.  I just go bravely, one step at a time.  I don't want her to look like Medusa, but I'm not afraid to let the creativity flow.  So, I'll figure out what belongs on her head and add some more "hair" around it.

Until next time,  Happy dolling!

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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Needlepoint for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Ever since I can remember, my mom made needlepoints.  These weren't your average needlepoints.  They were on the "okay this is really different" side.
I'm not saying that needlepointing is 'unplugged" or that people who do it are not like the "rest of us," but my mother's needlepoint canvas choices stun everyone who walks into the house.  Literally.

She loves nudes.
Nudes, nudes, NUDES!!

What a childhood I had!
And I'm not kidding.

After at least 45 years of needlepointing (some of her pictures are from my earliest memories), the entire house is full of bare-breasted needlepointed portraits from Picasso to Klimt to Renoir and more.  My poor dad!

So this year, I bought my mother just what she needs for mother's Day- another needlepoint.  It's not nude but I like it.  It's eccentric, like me.

Come to think of it, this looks like a great doll candidate....

I found it in this Etsy shop.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the moms.  I hope you find what inspires you!
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Friday, May 08, 2015

Dolling on a Park Bench

How to you make time for doll making when you are extremely busy?

Take it with you!

I'm on my lunch break now, and it's a beautiful day in City Hall Park. I've brought a doll head and a needle, thread, pins, and fabric along.  Rather than listening to music or doing nothing, I'll do some dolling on a park bench!

Today is Friday and everybody in my office adheres to the jeans-on-Friday policy.  I  just added the eccentric sneakers.  Yep, that's "me!"  Dolling a-la-lunch break!

I am making fabric hair for this doll.  An experiment of sorts-  I'm tired of needle felting.  I want to try something different so I'm " sculpting"hair.  It's not going to be a quick process, so I need to account for my time and make it happen.

I'm an accountant by profession... and you know what?  I think that career track is directly related to being an artist because you have to be detail-oriented and disciplined.  Just like money, every moment accounted for can make or break your goals.  Sometimes just finding 15 minutes here and there is all you need.  So I debit my dolls and credit my lunch.  Or is it the other way around?

But in the meantime, I'm enjoying dolling on a park bench for a few blissful minutes before I have to run back to the office.

I think my doll is enjoying the park, too...

Some people are looking at me like I am strange as I am taking these photos.  
"What is that??"
Maybe strangeness is a doll making virtue.  Let's call it 'eccentric.'  Better yet, let's call it passion.  Whenever you are passionate about something, you find a way to do it when you really can't.
Lower Manhattan, watch out because here I am.  Or, here we are.  Me and my dolls, that is.  

Back to work!!!  (Yes, I'm a government accountant)!  I work for the Comptroller.
I don't think my dolls can run for Mayor but they have my vote anyway!

City Hall

Have a great weekend, everyone, and Happy dolling!
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