Thursday, April 23, 2015

Attaching Ears to a Cloth Doll

HEAR's a quick tip for making and attaching ears into a cloth doll.
Begin with completed ears.  They should have a "stem" on the end where you turn, and lightly stuff them.
Insert a paper clip as so:

Next, turn the paper clip on a 90ยบ angle and sew it in place.

It needs to stay this way, so sew the corners down.

Using an X-acto knife or very sharp embroidery scissors, make an incision in front of the seam.

Use a little bit of tacky sewing glue being the ear to make it stay in place.  The glue should be on the base of the ear, not the lobe or the part we tuck our hair over.

And HEAR she is!  Ready for some touching up and on to her hair and a body.

Here is the actual ear template that I used. The correct size for a 20-22" doll is a drop over 1.5 inches.  You will need to adjust this template to your needs :-)

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

SMITTEN WITH MITTENS -- Making Prettier Hands for Cloth Dolls

If you've tried your "hand" at cloth doll making, I'm sure you've seen different ways of making hands.   I'd like to talk about the kind of hands that have all the fingers sewn together like mittens.  They're not just for beginners!

Often cloth doll patterns offer "advanced" and "beginner" hands for the same doll- advanced being those with five fingers which need to be turned carefully and skillfully.  The "beginner" patterns are plain old mittens.  That leads you to believe that to make a more beautiful and realistic hand, you need to make the fingers separate (which can be a royal pain).  After years of subscribing to that theory, I've changed my mind.  I think the "mitten" type hands can be more elegant and realistic.

Mitten hands are basically just a stump with the thumb sewn on separately.

Sometimes it's nice to make just two fingers together.  It's a nice, elegant pose.

This is my favorite type of cloth doll hand.  I hope you will try it!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3D Fabric Eyes

I'd like to share a new doll in the works.  She's getting 3D fabric eyes.
So far I just made a pair of eyes, turned them around and stuffed them lightly.  Then I set the eyes into the head.  Slits were made using an Exacto knife.
I'll need to add eyelids and carefully set the eyes in place underneath, probably with a bit of extra careful manipulation.

Here is a closeup of the eye.  It's made on muslin, and colored with Prismacolor pencils.  I'll go over it again once the eyes are permanently in place.

These eyes may look a little (ok, a lot) funny now, but I hope they will look great when I'm done!  

I hope you visit again to see how she turns out.  Happy dolling and thanks for stopping by!
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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Shrunken Heads

My husband says he's scared of my dolls because they look like 'shrunken heads."

Men can be extremely silly!

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