Sunday, November 03, 2013

My Visit to Etsy

Have you ever wondered where Etsy is?
So have I!
My husband and I were cycling around DUMBO, Brooklyn today, and so I decided to find Etsy and have a look.

Etsy is located in a relatively new-ish neighborhood in Brooklyn called DUMBO.  DUMBO stands for 'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.'  I say 'new-ish' because for years, this place was seedy, scary and pretty much abandoned.  But recently it's been on the up and up, with stunning NYC waterfront views, cobblestone, old trolley tracks, and charm.  It's truly emerging as part of the "Brooklyn Tech Triangle"- the 'silicone valley' and arts hub of NYC.

I looked up ETSY on my GPS, and followed the directions to 55 Washington Street.

Here is the street.   You can see the Manhattan Bridge in the background.

mom and girl with balloon

me on my bike

I was going up and down the street, looking for Etsy. 
55 Washington Street....
I was expecting to find an amazing old remodeled industrial building.  But I found that ETSY is housed in a large glass office building.  There are no logos outside at all!

I didn't go inside the building, but I did continue wandering around the streets for a while.  It's such an interesting place!
Plymouth street, around the corner from Etsy.  Brooklyn Bridge in the background

Here I am directly under the Manhattan Bridge.  Someone made some fun graffitti on old (abandoned?) buildings. 

Continuing up the road I come to the waterfront promenade.  See the Brooklyn Bridge in the background?

Just look at this view!

I had such a wonderful time looking around this beautiful place.  This time I got to see the outside of Etsy.  But I can't wait to find out what it looks like inside!


  1. I am totally envious that you live in New York !! My favourite city !

  2. Amazing trip! can't wait to see the inside pictures of Etsy... Love the pictures you posted :D


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