Friday, November 15, 2013

The "Art" of Taxes

Are you one of those lucky people who create art and make a living from your passion?  
Lucky you!

Aside from being passionate about art doll making, I am a tax accountant.  I think that makes me a geek who plays with dolls.

I'm gearing up for the coming tax season and I've been thinking about art a lot.  Dolls... tax.... how to merge that together?  Seems like pickles and ice cream or something. 

Anyway, I remember myself years ago when I first got started with Doll Makers Muse.  I didn't know the first thing about bridging business and playing with dolls!  Do you know how to account for your art business properly? Are you just starting to make money and not sure what to do next?  Do you know how to get all the tax deductions artists can get?  I mean, who wants to deal with all that stuff anyway?  I'd rather work on a doll head than take my head off trying to figure all that stuff out.  Wouldn't you?

So I know I'm an oddball of sorts.  I'm into dolls and accounting.  Must have something to do with our ability to sit, stay focused and pay excruciationg attention to detail as artists.  I don't know what it is, but it is what it is LOL!

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Thanks for reading, everyone!

Happy dolls and happy taxing!
No, that doesn't sound right.
Happy dolling!


  1. I think it sounds great. Giving tax tips to doll artist. I've been self-employed for so long with different business's and my CPA has kept me well informed on what I can claim working from home.
    To have this information in a doll magazine to help doll artist would be great.

  2. Hello. : ) I stumble upon your blog. I do investment during daytime and create ceramic sculptures in evenings and weekends. So, I am also an odd ball in artist circle. : ) I love doing both. Your idea sounds good!

  3. Art, dolls and accounting? In my opinion, it’s a great combination. If you’re about to build a business, you already have a huge advantage because you have an expertise and a talent to offer. You just have to be keen on your financial records to keep track of your sales and expenses. Good luck in your future endeavor!

    Angel @ Perfect Accounting Service


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