Sunday, March 18, 2012

Manhattan Doll Club

This afternoon, I had the treat of all treats.  I finally went to the Manhattan Doll Club at The City Quilter shop in NYC, and met the most wonderful people I'd ever want to meet here in NY.  It's been so long since I have been to any doll club- the last time was more than 2 years ago when I lived in Seattle, WA, and I've really missed it.  I've been so busy adjusting to my move to NY that I have not gotten "into it" all year, and prior to that, I went back to school full time and studied so hard I couldn't think straight!  I'm glad I did all that, and even happier that it's finally behind me.  March 25 will be the one-year mark, and last week I finally found the accounting job I have been waiting for.  I guess today's visit means that I'm finally getting adjusted, and getting back to myself.   I'm as pleased as punch!

About The City Quilter
The City Quilter is located in the heart of Chelsea, NYC.  I loved being in the shop.  In the Seattle area, there were plenty of quilt shops, but in NYC this is a rarity.  Rather than hopping into my red car, I jumped on the subway to get there.  The whole thing was really quite an experience.  Once I got to the shop, I felt so at home, like I had found my personal oasis.  My senses were bursting so much I could have sworn I smelled candy and sweetness all around me.  I was definitely in my element.  Fabric has a very powerful effect over me!

Visiting the shop and becoming part of a doll group was an important step for me.  I really feel it.  I'm not quite ready to make a doll yet, because I'm getting ready for Passover which starts in 3 weeks, and I just started a new job and have to get used to not being able to get up and drink coffee whenever I'm actually ready.  But sometime in May, I think I will be ready to start playing dolls again.  It feels good to know that once a dollmaker, always a dollmaker!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sewing Shop in NYC

The other day, my husband was walking around in the fashion district in NYC.  He works a few blocks from that area, and apparently, he made a detour.  He was cute enough to snap this photo and share it with me.  Now I want to go and see this shop for myself, of course !  

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