Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Art in Odd Places Festival - NYC

My husband came out of the bathroom laughing this morning. He was listening to the news in there, and apparently there is an art show happening in Manhattan this weekend.
Of all things, a woman wants to walk a goat down 14th street.  Wow.

That got me thinking.  It's certainly been a while since I 've run into any "artsy fartsy" stuff, now that I'm out of my element and into the big city.  But the goat "exhibit" got my attention.

I must admit, things are different here. I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact that I now live in a [typical] small NY apartment with less than half the space to create than I'm used to.  I also set my mind to finishing a degree in accounting, which will be done in December.  But I also believe that my artistic mindset has actually shifted somewhat. When you think of art in NYC, I believe that people think mainly of paintings and classic art forms, and less of "crafty" art like doll making (and goats!)  I don't want to comment on this woman's form of artistic expression, but I can't wait to get back to creating in my own medium.  And like my husband, I did get a nice little chuckle this morning! 


  1. How to traumatize a living, breathing animal: use it as "art," parading it up a busy NYC street. The mind boggles. I imagine members of PETA showing up with a leash offering to use it to parade Marissa Mikeberg up 14th as "art." Now, *that* would amuse me.

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