Monday, August 08, 2011

How to make doll hair and a "curling iron"

Recently, Rosa Maria from Portugal asked me a great question about doll hair. 

She bought my 'Orianna' beginner sewing patten, but she had a bit of a problem.

For this type of doll, the mohair is wefted into the cloth doll head with a special needle that has little barbs in it, like this: 

Maria lives in Portugal, and doesn't have access to this type of mohair, so she asked me what to do.  This is actually a great opportunity to get even more creative!  You don't need fancy doll mohair.  Just use some good quality yarn- wool, if you can get it- and curl it yourself.  It's really a lot of fun.
Here's how:

1.  Unravel and untwist the yarn.  It will be kind of frizzy.

2.  Heat a knitting needle or metal tube in the oven on a low temperature.  The smaller the doll's head, the narrower the needles.  If you want Shirley Temple sausage curls, use thicker ones. 
3.  Carefully remove them from the oven. They should be hot to the touch but not so hot that you burn your fingers. (If they burn your skin they will burn the fibers!) If possible, wear cotton gloves.

You have just created miniature curling irons for dolls!

3. Wrap the hair around the knitting needle, and hold in place as you would in the hair salon ^*^

Different fibers and sizes will produce different results.
The main thing don't need to spend a lot of money to make great hair for your doll.  It will be unique and will really make the doll yours!

Next time, I will talk about dye, and what works on mohair, and what doesn't.  There is a whole science to it!

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  1. What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing with us. ^_^


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