Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Catching Up

Well, it's certainly been quite a while!
The last time I posted anything was back in March. It's now the beginning of August and I have transitioned into life in the Big City... Brooklyn, NY.
I am very happy that I met the love of my life and got married... however I'm still trying to adjust to Brooklyn. It's possible that I never will, but I don't look back and I have no regrets. I do miss Seattle and I definitely miss my artist loft in Everett, overlooking the water and the mountains, with 15' ceilings and tons of natural sunlight. Now I have sirens and incredible noise all day long, and the blinds are shut coz it's too hot out and there is nothing to see anyway.

I'm finally finishing up my accounting degree and getting ready to study to sit for the CPA. I can hardly believe it. Trouble is, I nearly live at my kitchen table and have no motivation to make dolls at the moment. Where will I put them? My dolls are in boxes and my sewing machines and whatever art supplies I still have left are in storage. I suppose this stage will pass, and I'll get back to creating eventually. But for now, I'm still working on "getting settled." Updates again in the future... and thanks so much everyone for all the lovely notes here and there. There's nothing like an artist friend!



  1. Good to hear from you Rivkah! You don't need to fret about making dolls right now. This is your first year as a bride ... transition time. :-) Hopefully the heat wave will pass soon, you'll pass the CPA exam, and Brooklyn life will settle into place. Cheers from Northern CA.

  2. Good luck with your new life! Big, big changes! I do sympathise about the change of environment, and having your things scattered and stored. Been there. Done that. Argh. Argh!! But just wait til you get your space sorted... and your stuff back... and impressions from your new life start to come through. Wishing you happiness, patience and inspiration.

  3. Good luck Rivkah, give yourself plenty of time to settle into your new life. I am sure you will get to create eventually. They say time and place for everything so now you are in a different place eventually you will find the right time to create. Take care.

  4. Good luck with the CPA exam. I'm in the Bronx, when you get back to dollmaking you will find some kindred souls not far from you.

  5. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Hi Rivkah, Good luck with the CPA exam...I bailed out of accounting after finishing my degree at Queens College (Queens NY). You will be fine! I am getting ready to go through what you just did, moving from the woods and a converted 100+ yr old barn to the seacoast of New Hampshire to a small apartment *sigh* Yard sale coming up in a week and lots of my art supplies are sadly going... But remember, your art friends are no further than an email away and art happens even in tiny uninspiring places :D
    Much hugs and best wishes,
    Beth Pollock


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