Thursday, June 24, 2010

If hair could kill...

I am proud to present my latest work of art: A blowfish.

I think I will go gesso up this blowfish and paint it. Maybe it might become Betty Boop?


  1. Hi Rivkah ,your Betty Boop is in the words of Betty..Boop Boop Be Do ! Fantastic start to her face..Betty was a childhood fav cartoon for me ,she is a Diva. peace out Heather

  2. I love her !That hair is sooooo perfect!

  3. fantastic collections

  4. Wow so nice to see and read of some beuteful doll in the web..
    Thanks for sharing...

  5. nice Betty Boop, hope to have one like that, anyway thought this could be interesting, I found this website that can create a super-realistic doll heads of anyone from just a photo. Imagine making doll of yourself, your kids, your boss or your favorite celebrity!

    Apparently they can make the heads in many scales to fit Barbie-like dolls, Tonner dolls or even smaller figurines like Polly Pocket.


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