Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Shirring is a great technique to spruce up any old fabric while adding some serious visual interest without a lot of effort. Think of it as "cheating surface embellishment."Here's how it's done:
•Just take a bit of your favorite plain Jane fabric, about 10" X 20".

•Set your sewing machine stitch length to "loosey loosey" (3.5 or 4, depending on your machine)

• Sew parallel, horizontal rows of stitching on the long side of the fabric, 1/8" apart.

GATHER! Secure the threads on the” pulling side” to hold the shirring in place. Do this either by sewing a line across all the stitching, or by making knots in the thread.

The result: a visual playground of puffing between the lines!

If desired, use this technique on the front of your doll's dress bodice.
Alternatively, make a much larger sample- enough to fit all the pattern pieces of an entire dress, jacket, or whatever.

Go to town and use different colored thread if you like. You'll be amazed at how you can transform a simple fabric into something fantastic.

*This little tip is based on a tutorial from from the
Tikvah pattern. I hope you enjoy it! :-)


  1. What a terrific idea,thank-you for sharing it with us!phylliso

  2. Ms Booping Betty .. very pretty !!


  3. Куклы восхитительны!!!

  4. Hi Rivkah!

    My husband bought me the pattern of Tikvah and I'm loving it. I'm writing to you because even when your instructions are really really wonderful and clear I can't manage to make the feet correctly.
    Every time that I try I can't avoid to make ducks foot.
    I was just wondering if you have time some of this days to publish a small tutorial on feet.
    I hope this doesn't sound really silly to you!
    Have a nice week!



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