Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dot's Booping Betty

Today I would like to share with you an amazing Betty, created by Dot Lewallen of speediebeadie.
I am utterly flabbergasted at this work. She basically made her Betty out of beads! Isn't she remarkable? Dot says, "She's ready to boop, and so am I. Boop Boop-Be Doop!-"
Dot, I'm ready to boop with you.

Betty Booping Front View

Betty Booping Back View
Recently I sent out an email to everyone who purchased a Betty Boop pattern in recent months, asking for contest photos. The contest ends on March 31- technically. I say technically because this was so much fun, I just want this to keep on going.

Press here to see the Betty Campaign
Press here to get a Betty Boop Pattern

Dot, I've gotta tell ya- you have really outdone yourself. Thank you for sharing! I'm just thrilled.
Keep the photos coming, everybody!
I'm creating a Betty photo album on the Doll Makers Muse Facebook Fan page.

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