Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today I am working on the face for the doll I have created for the Traveling Doll Project.

The body is completely ready. It's been painted and varnished.
I felt that have too many "UFO" [Un Finished Object] heads lying around to make something new, so I decided to alter an existing head. I chose one that originally belonged to a doll whose body and clothing was ruined. This head has been rolling around my art desk for nearly two years!

I built up the nose a bit and hid the seams with paperclay. After it dries I will set in the eyes and then work on her skin: I'll use a hardening mixture, sand it, brush on a few layers of gesso, sand it some more, and then apply more paint again. The head already had a mouth, which looks fine, so it stays.

Here are the eyes I've made.

When this is done, I will post a photo of the entire doll as well as the journal I created for the doll's travels. That was made out of grocery bags.... you'd never believe it. But that is another story :-)


  1. Are these made from paper clay? These are great. Now you will have to share the grocery bag journal to. I love going green things. Would love to hear about this and see this journal.


  2. looking forward to hearing more...love these eyes


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