Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Boop Progress

I have been working (slowly but surely) on a cloth rendition of Betty Boop. I am up to detailing the head. I've decided to use paperclay to make Betty's hair, rather than yarn (which is what the pattern calls for). After all, she's got these wicked spiky curls and she is a cartoon....I want to keep her looking as true to the original as I can. The curls are done on pins, which support the curls and prevent them from breaking.
This is going to be time-consuming, and probably the most challenging part of the doll. But that is ok with me. I think it's worth the effort.

I also finished up her body. It's got several layers of hard coating and gesso, and painted with acrylic paint. I also put on high gloss varnish. I like the way she's coming out so far... (sorry for the nekkid doll photos, but this is art!)

I've made a few improvements to the original (70+ years old?) doll pattern, including changes to the hands and legs, and alternative techniques. If you would like to try your hand at making a Betty Boop doll, you can grab a pattern on my Etsy shop. Have fun and Boop Boop Be-Doop!


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    shes looking fab!

  2. Hi Rivkah. I haven't started on Betty yet. Can you remind me of the deadline? I think I will be making a few changes too. I especially like hands with fingers. I like the idea of paperclay for the hair....I really just can't see the yarn at all. Are you leaving the pins inside the "curls"? Really fun watching the inprogress.

  3. Oh wow Rivkah!!!
    she's coming along great!!
    Seems you and I are of the same
    mind when it came to making
    the hair..
    GREAT idea on the pins!!!
    I made clay spit curls around the bottom of the back and grew tired of doing it,and got lazy!!..LOL ;-D
    Posted another progress pic if you'd like to see! ;-)


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