Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is a new/old doll. The doll was made several years ago when I was living in Israel. I never made a doll quite like it before, and never again. This afternoon, I started thinking about it and I decided to take it out of storage. I immediately realized that she wants a new home.

So... please meet "Sihha Pratit," or 'Private Conversation' in Hebrew.
This wall doll was created as a unique challenge to create a doll that reached inside of my emotions. I was surprised with the result!
Private Conversation is pronounced 'Sihha Pratit' in Hebrew. It is written on the doll's torso, in script lettering.

The doll is approximately 17" in length.

The face holds in it almost every emotion imaginable. Whenever I see it, I see something new. Depends what I'm thinking.

Sometimes the doll seems to be asleep- dreaming. What is the dream about?

Sometimes I think the doll is engaged in deep thought. Something troubling is amiss. Is it strength or vulnerability?

Is the doll engaged in prayer? Maybe meditation- connecting to its inner self? Or perhaps emptying all thoughts for that moment...

Perhaps this doll is feeling despair right now- All wrapped up and tightly woven like a cocoon. Then again, perhaps this is a sign of self- confidence.

The spiral motif throughout the design of the doll- the marbling on the fabric and stones, the random wire design, the beading and the wrapping of silk cording around the body- is it a symbol of replenishing a cycle, or of confusion and constriction?

The doll means all that to me and more.

In essence, It represents comfort. Because life has its ups and downs, and art is always there to help make it more tangible and less esoteric. The creative mind can deeply appreciate this.

Private Conversation is a fine representation of abstract art. It encompasses so many ideas and feelings, and has the potential to carry personal meanings to every viewer. A successful composition causes the viewer to think. This doll definitely falls into that category.

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  1. First, let me just say wow-- I love your doll! I'd love to learn how to make art dolls at some point. I made a few dolls when I was a kid (including one with a carved-wood head), so maybe I'll pick the hobby back up again at some point.

    Second, I just wanted to let you know that I posted your question about the Israeli dish racks on my blog ( Hope you get an answer!


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