Monday, December 14, 2009

Calling Boopers

Calling all Boop Challenge players.....
How are we doing?
If you need a pattern, email me at rivkah [at] dollmakersmuse [dot] com

Boop Boop-be-Doop!

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  1. Hi Rivkah!!
    I'm a fellow booper, and will be starting my Betty next week!!.I love vintage doll designs, and right now I'm finishing up my nekked New Year Baby ala..Kewpie style!!..(at least that's what he looks like in my mind)..He's for a challenge in another group. ;-)
    lol..who knows what the finished product will be!!..hee,hee! ;-D
    Looking forward to your challenge!
    thank YOU!!!
    Kristine ;-)


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