Monday, December 28, 2009

Betty's Making Headway!

Betty's HEAD is without a doubt the most interesting part of the vintage doll pattern I have been working on. The head is made of a butterfly-shaped "pillow" which constitutes the face, and a completely separate "head back" which is sewn on separately by hand. That way, the face is flat and can lie on Betty's shoulders, and the back of the head will be round.

Here you can see the face, with the back of the head pinned on. Half of her neck is dangling! (Don't pay no never mind to her unfinished face... I mirrored the template and traced it to the wrong side of the fabric with a felt marker before sewing... I am saving the best for last ^*^)

BACK VIEW (before hand sewing and stuffing)


When the back of the head is all sewn and stuffed, a dowel goes into the body neck. (The body does have a normal neck with a front and a back.) Then the whole thing rests on that, and the back part of the neck is sewn in place at the seam.

This pattern is like nothing I have ever seen before and I am learning new techniques from it. My mind is already giving me ideas of ways I can use this technique!

If you would like to make a Betty Boop doll and join my challenge, I will be thrilled to have you. I am thoroughly enjoying it! A link to the pattern is available on the sidebar.

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  1. She's looking good! I just may have to make up this pattern myself. Some day?


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