Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TIKVAH is here

The Tikvah Pattern is available!
Come grab it in my ETSY shop :-)

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End of the year sale!
$5 off all e-patterns in my Etsy shop.
Each one is over 50 pages long with tons and tons of pictures.

Have you been thinking about making a beautiful doll ?
Please do!
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Betty's Making Headway!

Betty's HEAD is without a doubt the most interesting part of the vintage doll pattern I have been working on. The head is made of a butterfly-shaped "pillow" which constitutes the face, and a completely separate "head back" which is sewn on separately by hand. That way, the face is flat and can lie on Betty's shoulders, and the back of the head will be round.

Here you can see the face, with the back of the head pinned on. Half of her neck is dangling! (Don't pay no never mind to her unfinished face... I mirrored the template and traced it to the wrong side of the fabric with a felt marker before sewing... I am saving the best for last ^*^)

BACK VIEW (before hand sewing and stuffing)


When the back of the head is all sewn and stuffed, a dowel goes into the body neck. (The body does have a normal neck with a front and a back.) Then the whole thing rests on that, and the back part of the neck is sewn in place at the seam.

This pattern is like nothing I have ever seen before and I am learning new techniques from it. My mind is already giving me ideas of ways I can use this technique!

If you would like to make a Betty Boop doll and join my challenge, I will be thrilled to have you. I am thoroughly enjoying it! A link to the pattern is available on the sidebar.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Betty Boop Pattern

I finally began working on the Betty Boop Pattern, and I have one thing to say so far... she's got MAN HANDS! They are not the dainty little hands that I imagine Betty should have.
I could probably manage by using a ladder stitch to manipulate the size after the hands are stuffed, but I decided to alter the pattern. I cut the hands off at the wrist (ouch!) and substituted them for something better.

Here are hands as they look sewn (but not stuffed). The hand on the left is the original, and the one on the right is my version.
I find it very interesting that the pattern is sold around the internet (I sell it as well, for the challenge). However I have never seen an actual doll that was made from the pattern!
Well, that's part of the challenge. I'm having fun with it. I'll upload the new hands and whatever other improvements I come up with when Betty's done.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snuffy FUR

Remember Big Bird's imaginary friend, Alyosius Snuffleupagus? What an amazing fur coat he had! It looks like part ostrich feather strands, part something else. I think it would be incredible fur... if I could figure out exactly what it is and where to procure the "ingredients." Does anybody out there know?
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Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is a new/old doll. The doll was made several years ago when I was living in Israel. I never made a doll quite like it before, and never again. This afternoon, I started thinking about it and I decided to take it out of storage. I immediately realized that she wants a new home.

So... please meet "Sihha Pratit," or 'Private Conversation' in Hebrew.
This wall doll was created as a unique challenge to create a doll that reached inside of my emotions. I was surprised with the result!
Private Conversation is pronounced 'Sihha Pratit' in Hebrew. It is written on the doll's torso, in script lettering.

The doll is approximately 17" in length.

The face holds in it almost every emotion imaginable. Whenever I see it, I see something new. Depends what I'm thinking.

Sometimes the doll seems to be asleep- dreaming. What is the dream about?

Sometimes I think the doll is engaged in deep thought. Something troubling is amiss. Is it strength or vulnerability?

Is the doll engaged in prayer? Maybe meditation- connecting to its inner self? Or perhaps emptying all thoughts for that moment...

Perhaps this doll is feeling despair right now- All wrapped up and tightly woven like a cocoon. Then again, perhaps this is a sign of self- confidence.

The spiral motif throughout the design of the doll- the marbling on the fabric and stones, the random wire design, the beading and the wrapping of silk cording around the body- is it a symbol of replenishing a cycle, or of confusion and constriction?

The doll means all that to me and more.

In essence, It represents comfort. Because life has its ups and downs, and art is always there to help make it more tangible and less esoteric. The creative mind can deeply appreciate this.

Private Conversation is a fine representation of abstract art. It encompasses so many ideas and feelings, and has the potential to carry personal meanings to every viewer. A successful composition causes the viewer to think. This doll definitely falls into that category.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Calling Boopers

Calling all Boop Challenge players.....
How are we doing?
If you need a pattern, email me at rivkah [at] dollmakersmuse [dot] com

Boop Boop-be-Doop!

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Working Away

I've been working diligently on the Tikvah pattern. I have to admit, I am a slowpoke. But it's going to be worth the wait and the effort :-) New ideas and funky techniques... it's going to be a goodie.
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Monday, December 07, 2009

New pattern coming out soon

I am now working on a new pattern: Tikvah.
Most of the text and illustrations are ready. I am shooting for this to be ready and available in the Doll Shop by the end of the week, or at the worst, next week. I am a slowpoke!
After the pattern is done, I am going to stop writing patterns for a while and focus myself on just making artwork. I've been playing with the idea of approaching a few local galleries and professional artist guilds in the Seattle area, but I keep making various excuses.....
Life can be full of excuses if you let it.

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Vote for me!

Please cast your vote for me!
Visit this website and look for my banner:

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Draidel Maidel

Chanukkah is coming! This year, I was inspired to create a doll to bring a little light and love to my home.
Here she is:
The Draidel Maidel.

The Draidel Maidel is a 14" cloth doll whose body is- you guessed it- a draidel. She holds a candle and she is ready to light the menorah and dance the hora!
She was a challenge to design- how to support her pointy draidel body on her legs? The solution was to create a sort of cradle. It worked out perfectly.
The Draidel Maidel is available as a pattern.
I should have started this project earlier, because Chanukkah is right around the corner. I didn't think of it until it was a little late- but not too late, of course! I have been working hard on this pattern for more than a month. There are 10 pages of clear step-by-step instructions with illustrations. You'll learn how to needle sculpt a face from the beginning, make beautiful eyes, and color a 3-dimensional face. This doll's face is made on white fabric, which makes it more challenging than on skin colored fabric.
If you would like a Draidel Maidel pattern, you can find her on my facebook page and in my ETSY shop. Chanukkah falls on 12/11/09 this year. There's still time to make a Draidel Maidel... remember, there are 8 days of Chanukkah!


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