Monday, October 12, 2009


My dress skirt is just about done. I used seed beads and employed a technique I like to call "Embeadery." Basically it's embroidery with beads, and it really adds a nice touch to doll clothes. It is definitely time consuming but a great way to spend your valuable time whilst relaxing in front of the TV ;-)


DETAILING around the edge of the skirt

There is actually a great book available with tons of stitches from everything to mandalas to fern, ivy and flowers- all beads on fabric. It's one of my absolute favorites.
I love this book because it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do all the stitches, and it's really easy to choose a few stitches and incorporate them on your dolls. The name of the book is EMBEADERY by Margaret Ball. Click the picture to see more details about the book. I really like this book and highly recommend it if you want to get some great ideas. The book is a bit more expensive than your average soft covered craft book, but it is twice the size and just SO well worth it. I absolutely ADORE this book.

Another fabulous book is Creative Cloth Doll Beading by Patti Culea.

Patti shows you some great ideas and there is a gallery of dolls with embeadered dollies. She shows you examples of fairies and mermaids that don't have too much clothing necessarily, but the bodies are decorated with beads and bits of fabric. For example, mermaid tails and the like. There are even some dolls whose faces are created with beads alone.

Both these books are sure to inspire you if you want to try beading on your dolls.


  1. Wow, whatever you call it your dress is looking beautiful! :o)

  2. Hi, What a pretty dress, Rivkah. I love the beads with the embroidery. Thanks for the close-up pic. I'll have to try that sometime!


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