Sunday, July 12, 2009

Group Shot

I just want to show off a group shot of the Deanna Hogan Dolls made in my Doll club in WA.
Aren't they just wonderful? Deanna's class was a success. We all enjoyed it tremendously.
Kudos to all the ladies in the club... every doll turned out fabulous! And thank you Deanna, for such a treat!


  1. More photos of the individual dolls can be seen at
    Deanna is such a wonderful instructor and Dollirious! is well, dollirious! with their finished dolls. :o)

  2. They look amazing! Isn't it wonderful how the same pattern in the hands of different people can have such wonderfully different results!?

  3. Anonymous10:58 PM

    I just Love your blog! it`s really beautiful♥


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