Sunday, July 12, 2009

Group Shot

I just want to show off a group shot of the Deanna Hogan Dolls made in my Doll club in WA.
Aren't they just wonderful? Deanna's class was a success. We all enjoyed it tremendously.
Kudos to all the ladies in the club... every doll turned out fabulous! And thank you Deanna, for such a treat!
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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Another impulse buy.... silk fabric that looks like scales.
Perfect for.... you guessed it.... a mermaid.
I have never made a mermaid before. Now I know I must!
Click on the image to enlarge the details.

If you want some of this fabric, I'll be willing to buy more and send you some. Just write to me.... supplies are probably limited, and I have never seen this before (which is why I just HAD to buy it)...
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Thursday, July 02, 2009


Please meet Dobby's sister!

This doll was inspired by my favorite character in Harry Potter- Dobby the house elf. Now that the final movie is coming out... WELL... I've just got to get myself excited over here. I've read all the books (thank you to my children for getting me into it), seen all the movies and looking forward to the last movie.

The doll I was working on last month ended up looking like an elf. A female elf. SO... I decided that Dobby the elf has a sister. So, here she is! Dobby's Sister. I'll just call her DS for short.

DS is an 18" cloth doll on a wire armature, standing unassisted. Her dress is made of upholstery fabric that gives the look of burlap. She's a bit spoiled so her burlap is embellished with delicate beads. She has wild and wooly tibetan lambswool hair and handmade eyes.

DS is made from the Tikvah pattern. I just made fairy ears, and made a very simple one-piece dress. DS hates shoes. So I polished her nails. She liked that.

She holds the portkey to the sewing room of every doll maker in the world, and she secretly travels around randomly, stealing sewing needles. If you are missing your needles, let me know.

In the meantime, I think I'll see if she will let me give her some shoes. I might just have to glue them on! In the meantime, watch out for missing needles....

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