Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am just about done with the dress for my version of Deanna's Verity doll.
I made it out of upholstery fabric (believe it or not) and organza.
The trim is a fine antique lace. I have been saving it for a special doll, and this doll wants to have it. The little bloomers are made of silk.

These are the doll's shoes and legs. Sorry the picture didn't turn out so well, but I am too excited to wait for a better one.

I used silk plaid for the doll's legs. I like the contrast. The dress is paisley, the organza is a french fleur de lis. The plaid is a surprise element. I think I will make ribbon with the leftover and make a little bow for her hair or the dress. What do you think?

The shoes are actually painted onto her feet and the heels are made of clay. I wanted to use burnt umber (that is my favorite color brown) and it wasn't until after I got started, that I realized I was using oil paint. So, I will have to wait a week for it to dry. That's ok- It will give me an excuse to finish the face and add some extra details.

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