Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Please meet Batya, a sweet vintage-style doll made of cloth.
This doll was made from Deanna Hogan's pattern, Verity. Her hair is made from Tibetan Lambswool and her dress is made from upholstery fabric and silk organza. The lace is antique and I've been saving it for the right occasion.

This doll is very time-consuming but rewarding to make. It involves layers and layers of modeling paste + gel medium (affectionately called "messy mix" by Deanna), and gesso. Each layer is sanded and prepped for the next layer. It is very time-consuming, but the result is a hard surface that puts the doll into a whole different category.

I decided not to leave my paint matte. When I was satisfied with the face, I used a very high-gloss varnish that looks like glass. I like the way it turned out because it gives the doll a porcelain-like look.

Through all the layers, I ended up with some brush marks that I couldn't sand down very well. I used a tiny bit of burnt umber paint on a dry paintbrush to "rub it in." I really like the way the gloss and the brush marks interact. Looks very vintage to me.

Visit Deanna's blog to learn more about the messy mix.
These are the products I used:

Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze Varnish
by Krylon
Skin Tone Paint by Sherry Goshon "soft caress"
Acrylic Paint by Golden
Gesso by Golden
Modeling Paste by Golden
Gel Medium by Golden

I think I'm hooked on these products!


  1. Such a precious girl! You are right, the layers make her very special.

  2. Very striking! I'm sure the photos don't do her justice.

  3. Aboslutely lovely...and I'm picky as hell.

  4. These dolls are so full of character & detail. Absolutely wonderful & evocative.


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