Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eye Am Not Sure....

It's times like this when I just have to step back and wonder to myself, "what in the world?" I'm not sure if this is the beginning of a lovely lady or a "stunning" troll. Maybe she just needs some warts? I think she looks a little like a frog covered in calamine lotion (remember that stuff?) Maybe she will be a knockout. I have no idea. We'll see....


  1. I love those eyes... I've been trying to make my eyes like your tutorial, but can't seem to make them work as well as you do!

  2. LOL Rivkah!

    A long time back, Shashi gifted me Patti's book on faces, and the first one I did turned out so colorful, i whispered to Shashi that she looked like an aged slut! Well, she turned out to be the most wonderful harem girl, and was the first doll I ever sold!

    The eyes look fabulous, and i am sure the doll will be too!

  3. I have been struggling with identifying just who this doll is. My husband really thinks she should wear clothes and not a trolly fairy outfit. I think she isn't human. Oh what a struggle. I think she is going to be a troll in an evening gown. This one is taking too long!


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