Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drew's puppet

This is is Drew.  Drew is the incredibly talented young lighting geek at my work.  Drew has a secret... he's also into puppets.
How did I find out about this?  Great minds think alike, I guess, and somehow instead of talking about lighting, dolls and puppets came up in the conversation.    

Drew is actually a lot more creative (and smart) than I thought! 

This is Drew's first try at puppet making.  He didn't exactly know how to do it, so he used hot glue and "stuff."   I think he did a great job for a trial run... I lent him an old trusty sewing machine, gave him a whole bunch of tips and told him where to get doll making supplies.  I've seen a steady stream of wigs, fabrics and other doll making supplies arrive at the office on the daily UPS run.... it's just too much fun!  I can't wait to see what evolves next....  I think we might have a rising star on our hands!

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  1. Hi Rivka,
    I love your work. I am sending you the kreativ blogger award. What you need to do is post it on your blog and list 7 things you love, and then nominate a further 7 people. Hope you are able to participate.


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