Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ancient "Doll Head" found in Jerusalem Excavation

I saw this in the news this morning and thought it was absolutely amazing....

JERUSALEM -- An 1,800-year-old figurine believed to have originated from the eastern stretches of the Roman Empire has been discovered by archaeologists outside the walls of the old city, the Israeli Antiquities Authority said.

The 2-inch (5-centimeter) marble bust depicts the head of a man with a short curly beard and almond-shaped eyes who may portray a boxer, the authority said.

"The high level of finish on the figurine is extraordinary, while meticulously adhering to the tiniest of details," Doron Ben-Ami and Yana Tchekhanovets, directors of the excavation, said in a joint statement released Monday. Nothing similar has ever been uncovered in Israel, they said, calling it a "unique find."

Carved from pale yellow marble, archeologists think the figurine was most likely carried to Jerusalem by a merchant.

Archaeologists believe the figurine was used as a weight for a hanging scale of a type common in the Roman period. Tiny holes drilled in its neck were likely used to attach it to the scale, and remnants of metal remain.

The miniature bust was found in the ruins of a building destroyed by an earthquake in the fourth or fifth century. The same dig outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City also recently yielded a well-preserved gold earring inlaid with pearls and a trove of more than 250 gold coins.

The dig is in a former parking lot in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, in east Jerusalem. It is part of broader archaeological excavations at the site, known to Israeli scholars as the City of David, after the Biblical monarch who is believed to have ruled from there some 3,000 years ago.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you DODA for nominating me with the Kreative Blogger Award.

I'm supposed to tell you 7 things that I love. I think I'll go with Values rather than "stuff." Besides people and things that come through creativity, nothing in this world is really that important, in my opinion. So here goes:

Seven Values that are important to me
  • Creativity
  • Humility
  • Non-Judgmentalism
  • Following Through
  • Cleanliness (but not to the point of being anal about it!)
  • Respectfulness
  • Reliability
and just for fun...
Seven things I do not Support
  • George Bush
  • Evil Gossip
  • Pity Pots
  • Excessive Materialism
  • Procrastination
  • "More Holy Than Thou" Attitudes
  • Stupidity

I'm also meant to nominate 7 more bloggers.
I'll have to think about this one... I'll get back to it soon!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drew's puppet

This is is Drew.  Drew is the incredibly talented young lighting geek at my work.  Drew has a secret... he's also into puppets.
How did I find out about this?  Great minds think alike, I guess, and somehow instead of talking about lighting, dolls and puppets came up in the conversation.    

Drew is actually a lot more creative (and smart) than I thought! 

This is Drew's first try at puppet making.  He didn't exactly know how to do it, so he used hot glue and "stuff."   I think he did a great job for a trial run... I lent him an old trusty sewing machine, gave him a whole bunch of tips and told him where to get doll making supplies.  I've seen a steady stream of wigs, fabrics and other doll making supplies arrive at the office on the daily UPS run.... it's just too much fun!  I can't wait to see what evolves next....  I think we might have a rising star on our hands!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harlequins riding Horses

I work in the Seattle Design Center. Rather than sitting all day, I like to walk around and get a little exercise, meet people and get a little inspiration.
One of the showrooms here sells fine furniture, and these wonderful doll statues by a local artist named Don Charles. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Most of his pieces have a harlequin-looking doll riding a horse. He uses a myriad of different found objects, new, old, natural and man-made. They are so intriguing!

The dolls are hand carved from wood. The faces are all quasi-expressionless, yet full of character.

Details of the face

His hat and base are made of tortise shells

I was inspired to bring one of my dolls into the showroom I work in. She does get a fair share of attention. I'm inspired to make 10 more - with a theme like Don Charles! I'll have to think on it..... one day when I don't have to work 9-5!
For now, I'll just keep having fun slowly!
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pretty Little Things

Have you been looking for the perfect little thing for your woodland faerie dolls? I recently came across this wonderful idea by craft artist Terri Sullivan on ETSY. I like her idea so much I just HAD to share!

These are just the most clever little crafted acorns. Handmade, artisan crafted, needlefelted wool acorns from pure wool roving - and 100% genuine nature made caps. These are *just the thing*.

Look at the details. So simple and yet so cleverly wonderful!

To see more, visit this ETSY shop. And buy some acorns for your next project!!
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