Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Penny for Your Thoughts (or thoughts about my Penny Doll...)

Please meet Eve, my Penny Doll. She is quite the lady, wouldn't you agree? She lives with me at work in the Seattle Design Center, and is the talk of the showroom. All the interior designers just love her!

Eve holds a parisol (fancy umbrella that is part of her courture, not raingear!)
The parisol is made with silk as is her lovely handmade hat. On another post, I will teach you how to make one. It's easy!

It's difficult to see in this picture, but the top of the parisol has a beautiful swarovski crystal on it. It came off of a very expensive but damaged crystal chandelier from the showroom. It's a real "found object!" The "handle" is made from an antique broken spoon, and her earrings are heirlooms too.


  1. Hi, Rivkah:

    She's absolutely beautiful. Once again you're created an amazing doll. I just love her and her outfit.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Awesome rivkah! It is so nice to see you creating again!! Is this clair Pruitt's Penny pattern? I have jsut ordered that pettern.

  3. Hi Rivkah.I love this beautiful doll.Im a dollmaker from Turkey Im living in ─░stanbul.I made a doll your from free pattern.Im usually making anatolian dollies.Do you want to see some of my dolls picture ? My blog is my best wishes.

  4. Oh My. What a spectacular doll. I love everything about her. You did a fantastic job!

  5. Rivkah, she is awesome. So much personality. I love the colors!

  6. She is really wonderful Rivkah! I lover her outfit and accessories. You have made another beautiful doll!
    hugs Karen


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