Monday, December 08, 2008

Mirror Mirror in My Hand... Who's the Fairest in the Land?

Looking for a special gift to give that special someone?  Looking for something DIFFERENT?

This gorgeous doll face was created on a simple handheld mirror.  
She's made of paperclay, and painted with acrylic.  
Her hair is made of organza, dipped in Paverpol, and rubbed with a bit of antique gold.
It's easy to make (especailly with a push mold!)

The mirror is just made out of plastic.  Cover it up with masking tape or florists tape so the clay will stick, and walla!

Put some beads in the clay for a little pop.  Let it dry and then paint it.  When the paint is dry, put a coat of glossy finish to protect it.  I used "yacht varnish."  It really stinks but it does a great job.


  1. Very nice. What a great idea for a gift.

  2. Wonderful and unique! I love your blog!



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