Thursday, September 11, 2008

painting shoes

I'm working on my Penny doll, and just realized I had something to share!
Have you ever encountered GOLDEN paint? Oh I love this brand. The paint colors are delicious with high quality pigments, and they paint on like a dream.

The doll I am working on has feet shaped like high heels. I never made a doll this way before- always made separate shoes to go on them. So this is a nice twist. I'll just paint the feet and make boots.

To paint fabric, it is necessary to prep it first. What do you use?
GESSO (jess-oh). That is the stuff they use when making canvas for painters. The fabric is stretched over the frame, then primed with gesso. For dolls, we just paint it right onto the doll, after it has been sewn and stuffed.

Gesso can be sanded. Therefore, I apply it generously everywhere- especially over any stitches or areas that might have some imperfections.

Let the gesso dry, and sand it a little. Apply more, and sand it again. Repeat this process 3 times or more if needed. Then go ahead and paint ! I'll show you how my boots come out when I am done.

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