Saturday, August 16, 2008

Penny Doll

I'm back from vacation. I miss the tranquility already but I'm excited to be back home where I can talk about dolls.

I'm engaged in a doll project with my doll club, Dollerious Doll Makers of Washington- and it's based on a pattern called Penny Doll. The pattern is made by a cloth doll artist named Claire. The pattern is really quite interesting.

The doll is jointed together with buttons and is very different than anything I have ever made before. The feet are like high heel shoes.

I really like the way the hands are designed, too. Usually I take great pains to make 5 individual fingers, thinking that the hands look more realistic that way. I never saw them made in this manner, but I like it a lot.

HANDsome hands!

Now if you are offended by nudity, close your eyes! This is one of the most interesting features of this pattern. The design of it definitely took a lot of imagination.

Here's what the torso looks like before the legs and lower part of the arms were attached.

Neat, huh?
I'll show you the doll as it progresses. She didn't feel like talking to me today. I still don't know who she wants to be. I guess I'll wait for her to call. (I have a feeling that might be after Labor Day when my daughter goes back to school) .....


  1. Wow Rivkah!Can't wait to see what you do with this great body!

  2. On my blog there is a little "I love your blog" award for you - because your blog is full of beauty and you are so generous. I love to come here, thank you for sharing all this with us :)

    Hugs from sunny Brazil

  3. hey rivkah.What an amazing the pattern for sale anywhere?......

  4. That is one fabulous doll! With a few more you could stage a doll Chicago! (Not that I am suggesting anything about her morals....). I made a button-jointed doll a couple of years ago, and although I love her to bits, I was disappointed that the joints came out rather loose (probably inadequate stuffing but was working with satin, and afraid that the seams would strain). But this is so lifelike (in my dreams) and she manages to look strong and voluptuous, rather than musclebound..... All together now, "If you're good to Mama.....) !!

  5. Hi There I just started to make this penny doll too,when its ready I post a picture okay

  6. Anonymous8:55 AM

    My penny doll body is ready,here a picture of my penny doll

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