Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Big One that [didn't] Get Away

I've got to admit, I'm almost too shy to post this one- but it's just too hard to resist.
I found this super life-size King Salmon "doll" at a whopping $3.99, and just had to have it. Not sure just what good it is, but I still think it's a great catch!

The fish is made from some type of smooth textile that looks like the features were done in an airbrush.  It has so many details, down to the scales. I was thinking of painting over it or putting beads and sequins on it or somehting- but it really doesn't need it. I think it would make a great "trophy" just the way it is.
Now I know I am a true Seattleite!


  1. This is pretty funny. I'm sure you'll find a great use for it & it will be beautiful like everything you make.

  2. I think you should mount it and make a fisherman doll to accompany it.


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