Monday, June 23, 2008

Perfectly Pulchritudinous Paint

I have discovered something wonderful.

It's called ALLEY SKIN PAINT from The Clay Alley. It's fabulously-colored paint especially made for dolls- and it looks superlative!

I've always been a stickler for Genesis paint- love it on Polymer clay. But I've also long been looking for something else- and I think I've found what I'm looking for.

This paint is specifically formulated for Fantasy Figures and dolls. It can be used on air dry clay as well as polymer clay. I really love the tones. Just excellent. I am utterly inspired!
Here's the description:
  • Superior quality matte acrylic paint

  • Quick drying

  • Covers very well

  • Gives a beautiful porcelain type of skin

  • Can be diluted with water
I am especially excited about these tones- I just love them. Just excellent. I am utterly inspired!

There are two types of paint in this line- "Fairy Skin" and "Realistic Doll." The fairy skin paint looks fairy-ish, I guess- how would you translate that? More special, more mystifying, more delicate- whatever it is, I want to try it.
The Realistic Doll Paint looks like the absolute perfect tones for doll skin colors. No more mixing, no more trying to get it right. And no more having to buy skin toned polymer clay either. The nice thing about that is- no more inevitably dirty finger transfers! (even though you have already scrubbed your hands 10 times....) And if you are working with air-dry clay, which is typically gray- all the better!
The Realistic Skin Paint has Sherry Goshon's dolls on the label. She must be tickled pink about this. I've just got to try this stuff. I guess my problem is- I don't know which to choose!
Upon discovering these paints, I also discovered a new doll making supply supplier. (Clay Alley). I will need to get to know them better- hope you will too! They seem to have stuff right up us doll people's alley... and this paint is the cat's meow.


  1. linda7:26 AM

    Wow, love hearing your personal comments on this stuff. I've seen/heard about if before but haven't known anyone who has actaully used it! Have you tried using it on cloth? It sounds wonderful.

    p.s. is your porcelain doll finished yet??? She is turning out just lovely ;0) Glad you are enjoying her.

  2. I use the Hannie Sarris paint but mine is called "warm" Fairy Skin. I love it! It is the same tone my own mixes are, but I don't have to mix it myself and I like that. It is also nice and thick.

  3. Melissa4:34 PM

    I really want the 'Fairy Skin Warm Breeze' color but i don't see it on the website. I wonder if Golden Glow is the same thing...


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