Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gleeful Garden Doll Gang

This afternoon as I was driving along in my car, I discovered the most amazing artsy oasis in the most unassuming place.  Impulsively, I parked my car and meandered through the maze of the most interesting garden art I had ever seen.

These creations are made of scrap iron and other recycled stuff.  What a great way to create art! 

The name of the shop is HOME & GARDEN ART LLC
specializing in Gates, Arbors, Trellis, Fencing and ART!

I was really taken by the utter creativity.  I saw everything from flying pigs to dancing hippos.

Just take a look at some of these adorable pieces...

Froggy Serenade

La la la!
Singing in a Sombrero

Playing on the trumpet

There were all sorts of amazing things to see at this place.  A true whimsical garden oasis for the artsy fartsy inclined.  I loved it all,  but this was my favorite....

 I wish I had a place for it!


  1. So do I! I've seen it or a similar one locally and my spouse just said that we had nowhere to put it.

  2. These pictures are great! If I am ever in Seattle I know where one of my stops will be. Thank you for posting about this place.

  3. Rivka I love your site, and I have wanted this dragon weathervane for a while now, I am just going to have to find one and buy it. I love your works of art, very talented. Hugs,Kat Lees


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