Sunday, March 02, 2008

What a CARD

This is breathtaking. My favorite doll artist of all time- his name is Alex Mergold, a Russian Israeli. He taught me to sculpt for a while before I moved back to Seattle. I wish it was for longer than it was because Alex's work is unforgettable.

Alex makes marionettes, as you can see. He makes utterly fantastic dolls with such expression you would be shocked. What's even more shocking is the utter simplicity in his palette... he uses a Mc Donald's type coffee stirrer spoon while he sculpts- it's one of his favorite tools (!) He makes joints for his marionettes with old thrown away umbrellas- the kind that fold up. Can you believe that?
Never mind. Just don't ask. He's ingenious and humble, and can literally make something from nothing. Probably one of the finest art lessons I've ever learned.


  1. Does he speak English? I wonder if he'd like to teach for Doll Street. This piece is just wonderful. How lucky for you to be able to learn from him.

  2. Oh My Goodness......
    I LOVE this Doll

  3. WOW this is such an awesome doll!! I really love it!


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