Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inspiring Eyes

A friend forwarded a few amazing pictures to me- this one really grabbed my attention. Click on the picture to enlarge and just have a look:

I have no clue where this picture came from- must be from National Geographic. These are just eyes- I can hardly imagine what the rest of this creature must look like. Just look at the details and all those colors- isn't it astonishing? I see so much potential here. If this isn't insiration, I don't know what is.
Imagine using this as a model/starting point for a fantasy doll of some sort... a dragon? Maybe even a faerie? Or a goblin with mischief up his sleeves...It makes me excited just thinking about what might evolve from this. It would probably turn into a masterpiece, don't you think?
I'll put it on my list of things I must do.
So many ideas, so little time.... Maybe you will give it a try?


  1. Oh my God I can't wait to do something with those eyes! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wow! Amazing, beautiful, intriguing and inspiring! Thank you.

  3. I just finished an altered book project where the artist requested we use a mask somewhere in our art along with the color of turquoise! All I can say, is that would have made the perfect mask! Whatever it is, it's stunning.

  4. Hi Rivkah , when you get a chance please stop by my blog.
    I have given you the You Make My Day Award. Have a Happy Day!
    Sherrie :)

  5. wowzer indeed, these eyes look into the depth of your soul! thanks for the award Rivkah, hope we can meet someday as we are both in the same neck of the woods now!

  6. When I was in Washington DC on April 8-11, I saw this photo in the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian. I don't know who the photographer is but you could probably find out from them. You are allowed to take pictures of the large photo. I did! Got lots of interesting close-ups.


  7. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Have spent a l-o-n-g time enjoying your website & blog with so much inspiration & ideas. Thanks for all your work so you can share with us all. As for the incredible eyes, I see an exotic frog. They come in such amazing colors. Glad I "met you in this month's Soft Dolls issue. I will be keeping in touch. Renee Yegan


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