Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take a STAND

Ever wonder how to make your doll stand alone? Here's how to do it- no fuss, no muss.

Here is my rude and naughty dancing doll, before she took the time to put some clothes on. (just wait till you see those).

She's stuffed and dancing happily, as you can see. She doesn't need any help, either, thanks to her handy dandy stand-alone doll stand.

: picture taken hastily on a weather-beaten table so she would not notice.

(I don't know what these things are called in reality- I just know what they are! Call me functional, visual, practical- technical, maybe- but a hardware expert I'm not!)
You can pick all of these items up at a local hardware store for a few dollars.

1.threaded "screw rod" (for lack of a better name- it looks like a long flat screw with no head and no point.
2. brass tube (the same kind we use for finger turning) which can fit right over #1.
3. a little thingie you screw into the wooden stand, so the screw rod can have something to catch when you screw it in. This eliminates the need for messy glue. I think it looks like a weird little hollow eraser with The diameter you choose will be in proportion to the size of the doll."thread" on the outside. See picture above.
4. piece of wood for the stand. Don't let it be too thin, or your doll will flop over.r
5. drill -Make sure the drill bit is the correct size size for #1 and #3.
6. screwdriver

Hint: Print out the image above and bring it to the hardware store because the folks there most likely will not go for the terms "little thingie" and "screw rod."


This image shows how the "thingie" is placed onto the "screw rod." The hollow rod will be embedded in the doll's leg, with a hole on the bottom of her foot at the opening. That way, you can slide it right onto this, which [obviously] will be mounted firmly in the wood, so it stands up firmly. That will enable the doll to stand alone without external aid.

The "thingie" is the heart of the hidden doll stand. It grips the wood and the screw rod at the same time, so the doll stays stable. No glue necessary, no mess. Very easy and inexpensive.
1. Drill a hole in the wood to accommodate the "thingy." Then, screw it into the wood with a screwdriver. It should be completely embedded in the wood so the top of the "thingy" is flush with the surface of the wood.

2. Next, simply screw the "screw rod" in place.

You are nearly done! (Gee wiz that was easy!) Paint the stand however you like, put a label on it with your doll's name, your name, date, etc.

3. The next step is to embed the hollow rod into the doll. (You have to do this as you are stuffing the doll.- not after the doll is already finished.)

EASY SHMEEZY! Now all your dolls can dace to their heart's cotent, without fear of falling over or gettig hurt :-)


  1. Anonymous11:55 PM

    What a brilliant post - I especially loved the technical term 'thingie' and I know exactly what you mean by it! Thanks for sharing this idea. I'd thought of wiring a leg and embedding it in a base, but not embedding a hollow tube - so that way the doll can lift off the base, right? Brilliant. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my fairies too and for your lovely comments!

  2. Wonderful advice! I love the names for the parts, I always use the thing-a-ma-bob that goes over the doohickey!

  3. Love the post, I can understand everything LOL.... cant wait to see her dressed......

    hugs sharon - nz


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