Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is my latest muse- a silk medley of stamping, beading and a dash of meaning. Her name is NOTEworthy.NOTEworthy is the result of a need for an original gift for a musician who also loves the icon of the sun. I haphazardly cut out a pattern and sewed it up- and let the doll take its own form. I decided to bead it and use rubber stamps.

I brought the doll to the rubber stamp shop when I was done- I figured I should show off a little! They let me know that they were not aware that you could stamp on fabric. I did notice that most fabric I tried tended to bleed, so I guess I should tell my secret- I used Tsukineko's VersaColor ink on a very fine silk. The silk was pre-dyed with dynaflow by Jacquard. This silk seems to take the ink very well. After I stamped, I sprayed it with Krylon sealer.

The doll has a musical symbol over her heart. That was done with the rubber stamp. Lift the music and this is what is underneath:I made the hands with polymer clay, and just made a hole in the middle so they are little "charms." I rubbed it with pearl ex pigment powder for a bit of sparkle.

NOTEworthy is a free spirit. She sings and radiates her love, like beautiful music and a sunny day after a long, cold winter. This was my NOTEworthy attempt at telling someone that I love and appreciate her.

Next time you feel the glorious symphony of the springtime sun- think of someone special. Look in the trees- is it a bird? Or is it your inner creativity beckoning you?

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  1. I love your muse! You did a great job. I just love the intricate beadwork that can be added to a project and really make it pop.


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