Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Darlene the Dancing Queen

Here is my contribution to the dancing society of "slightly weathered" ladies: Darlene the Dancing Queen. Darlene is based on Jill Maas's 'Dancing Doris' pattern. You can buy this and many other cloth doll patterns at joggles.com.
Darlene is always thinking of ways to improve her social skills. She dresses in her favorite no-frills Elvis costume daily and performs barefoot for her imaginary audience. Darlene is the executive chief officer of the Society of Antique Jelly Jar Lids and Elastic Paraphenalia. She wears white coveralls and rolls under cars to check that everything is squeaky clean. In her spare time, she has been known to remove the light bulbs on her neighbors' porch lights in an effort to contribute to the movement for 'Night Sky Awareness.'


  1. Oh Rivkah, I love her. Such attitude! What is that nice straight hair?

  2. She's great! Love the ears!

  3. What a wonderful description!I feel like I know her...maybe she could come unscrew My neighbor's porch light! :)


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