Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fun at the Doll House

I've had several people ask me why I don't post pictures of my house in Seattle. Truth is, it really looks like a doll house. It's cozy and cute as a button. Hard to believe people can really live in it, but it's so comfortable we hardly notice.  That's my daughter Sury posing up there, on the first day of school just a few days ago.

I believe that as you grow older, you should do what makes you happy and not give a "poop" about what other people think about personal tastes and preferences. Have you ever seen a lady wearing Kokopelli earrings, big beaded necklace and very loudly colored clothing that says "my name is Rivkah!"  That's going to be me when I retire.  I might dye my hair pink.

So even though I have not been very actively making dolls since I moved to Seattle this summer, and am working hard at my new job and getting settled- I have lots of dolls and live in a doll house. (I must definitely be getting older because I quite do NOT care if I sound silly (!)

So this is what has been happening at the doll house!

Sury had her 10th birthday on Wednesday. That was very exciting.
It was also the first day of 5th grade in a new school. What excitement. I had the day off from work, brought her to school and stayed for a little while to help her feel comfortable. Then I went to the bike shop and got her the most wonderful PINK bike I have ever seen. What a wonderful suprise!!!

Here's Sury with her brand new bike.
I think I would have peed in my pants to get a bike like this when I was 10.
I still remember my bike though. It had sissy bars and a big glittery banana seat. Remember those?

Well that was last week. Took me a while to get the pictures up. I can not believe how life has changed since I left Israel. I don't have any time! That will change for the better, I think. Next month I plan to go to the Auburn,WA doll club. I can hardly wait!


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