Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dollerious Doll Group in Arlinton, WA

Now this is GREAT!
Last night I was privilidged to attend the delirious doll maker's doll group in Arlington, WA. I had a WONDERFUL time. I was a guest there, a sort of "show and tell" I guess of Linda Hanson, fellow contributing artist to Li Hertzi's new book. Naturally we met each other because of the book, and I am absolutely thrilled.

The doll group is held in a charming quilt shop. Posh! It's the perfect atmosphere for fun. There was a lovely group of talented women there who were all so friendly and welcoming. (Did I mention I had a fabulous time?)

The group is working on a project of storybook dolls to be exhibited. I subjected most everyone to my camera lens...
Here's Linda with her display of 3 dolls. I just love them. Such "creative willingness!" Her dolls have one eye, 2 eyes and 3 eyes. I can't remember the name of the story she made the dolls after, but the dolls themselves tell their own story...

Now I will have to learn everybody's name. (I hope that means that I'll be able to make the 1-hour drive every month to keep going, and get to know everyone!!)

Here is my new friend with her version of red riding hood. She said that the fabric is special because it belonged to a special garment.
This is Sue with her Japanese doll.

This is Rapunzel. Her owner was busy and I forgot to ask her to pose!

And Pinocchio, of course
And a princess who is still in the works. Can't wait to see her when she is ready!
Look at this adorable princess. Can you guess who she is? (I mean the doll...)

OK now here is an actual picture of the entry of the shop.
There's so much eye candy in here- I can't wait to go back again. That is for sure! Looking around there was just so much clever decorating going on with the quilters fabrics, quilts and displays. Here is one thing that really caught my eye.
Little yo-yos of excess fabric, put onto an armature. The yo yos are tacked in place with a button on the end of each "limb." The original antique doll head was intact. What a playful idea!

Last but not least, I needed to visit the rest room on my way out. My mom always jokes about that, you know, you've just got to check out the bathroom everywhere you go. Seriously, I was NOT expecting to see this! Wall to wall with quilted stuff. One of the quilts was just hilarious- appliqued pleasantly plump women on the beach! Made me instantly comfortable HA!
(Click on the picture to enlarge it for detail)
This one's my favorite:

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