Sunday, May 06, 2007

Israeli Polymer Clay Art

Wanna see something wonderful?

Please meet Sagit, Israeli Polymer clay artist. She makes the most vivid, wonderful polymer accessories and jewelrey you could ever imagine.
This kind of polymer art is very well-loved and popular in Israel, and Sagit's work is such a great example of the amazing creativity Israel has to offer.

Just take a look at the flowers and designs on these pieces - they are not painted on. That's polymer clay!
Here's what Sagit says about how she got started:
My name is sagit and Im an Israeli polymer clay artist.
Since i was a little girl, i love art & color.
My notebooks at school, were always decorated with my scribbles and sketchings.
The art, paint and drawing lessons was my fave and i always did great in them.
After my army service (yes, in Israel every one give two or three years), i started to learn building architecture.
Those years where full of joy and satisfaction, for the first time i understood my real abilities and i did wonderful!
Finely, art is not just a hobby, its a career.

Soon after that short career i had my first son, at the same time i rediscovered “fimo” polymer clay at one of the Israeli art forum i participate back then.
Very quickly i hooked by this wonderful material.
So many possibilities, so many colors, so many techniques, i didn't know where to start.
Well, i start by exploring the material, lots'n lots of hours of trail and error,
that's how my little business born and start to breathe.
First, i sold to acquaintance and from mouth to ear, then i understood that if i want to really turn that hobby into a business, i have to open a site.
Since then, 5 years went true and i learned a lot!
Now i want to share my art with the rest of the world, bring for every one of you a piece of Israeli love with shape and color.
I love my art, i love making it and i hope that you will love an appreciate it too.

I love this type of art. It's so lively and brilliant, it makes me happy just looking at it! What about you?
Visit Sagit on the web at:

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