Sunday, May 13, 2007

NEW Baby Pattern

I've been working on a baby doll pattern and class for several months, and today I finally finished it. I can hardly believe it! This was a huge amount of work and I'm so glad it's done. I really love the pattern and doll. She is so sweet. I have never really made baby dolls before I started drafting and tweaking this pattern. I feel kind of like I did when I made my first pair of faerie wings. I'm sure I'll want to make more.

This will probably be my last cloth doll for a while, actually, because I have been itching to learn to work in porcelain. No particular reason, just a burning curiosity. I never have any time and this time I am going to try. I also have a peacock doll / quilt project my kids have been patiently waiting to start!

The class is in the process of being reviewed and the pattern is being tested. Several people have emailed me about BECKY from previous posts, and my website. This is the pattern I promised. (Sorry I'm a little late!!)

Here are a few more pictures of some of the things I've put into the pattern:

An iron-on template to use as a face - painting guide, and step-by-step instructions for details and shading, using Genesis Artist Oils or traditional oil paint. The template was made from a photograph of a vintage doll face, turned into a simple B&W pencil sketch by photo editing software.

An adorable and VERSATILE dress - can be made from simple cottons and lace, or vintage fabrics

Painting vintage-looking hair

A new way of jointing

As I mentioned before, this has been a very big job and seems to have taken forever! I am looking forward to the class and meeting new people. Teaching is just so much fun for me, especially at the culmination of a long project like this one! I'll let you all know when I find out exactly when and where the class will be hosted.

Hope to see you there, and as always, thanks so much for visiting!
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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Israeli Polymer Clay Art

Wanna see something wonderful?

Please meet Sagit, Israeli Polymer clay artist. She makes the most vivid, wonderful polymer accessories and jewelrey you could ever imagine.
This kind of polymer art is very well-loved and popular in Israel, and Sagit's work is such a great example of the amazing creativity Israel has to offer.

Just take a look at the flowers and designs on these pieces - they are not painted on. That's polymer clay!
Here's what Sagit says about how she got started:
My name is sagit and Im an Israeli polymer clay artist.
Since i was a little girl, i love art & color.
My notebooks at school, were always decorated with my scribbles and sketchings.
The art, paint and drawing lessons was my fave and i always did great in them.
After my army service (yes, in Israel every one give two or three years), i started to learn building architecture.
Those years where full of joy and satisfaction, for the first time i understood my real abilities and i did wonderful!
Finely, art is not just a hobby, its a career.

Soon after that short career i had my first son, at the same time i rediscovered “fimo” polymer clay at one of the Israeli art forum i participate back then.
Very quickly i hooked by this wonderful material.
So many possibilities, so many colors, so many techniques, i didn't know where to start.
Well, i start by exploring the material, lots'n lots of hours of trail and error,
that's how my little business born and start to breathe.
First, i sold to acquaintance and from mouth to ear, then i understood that if i want to really turn that hobby into a business, i have to open a site.
Since then, 5 years went true and i learned a lot!
Now i want to share my art with the rest of the world, bring for every one of you a piece of Israeli love with shape and color.
I love my art, i love making it and i hope that you will love an appreciate it too.

I love this type of art. It's so lively and brilliant, it makes me happy just looking at it! What about you?
Visit Sagit on the web at:

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Glue Pad?

I use Tsukineko inks in my art on a fairly regular basis. I love their products. I was "bopping around" on the web this morning and meandered over to their site. I was amazed at this new product- a glue pad!
It sounds so interesting. Glue stick, yes we all know about that but glue pad? I've got to give this one a try!
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


WOOOO HOOO my doll was published
in the latest Art Doll Quarterly Magazine.
Got my copy today. I am so excited!!!!!

This past summer, Pamela Armas sponsored a wonderful challenge called "Dance of the Gypsies" at the Houston Quilt Exhibition. You can imagine the thrill when I found out that my doll would dance her way from there to ADQ!

For those of you who don't have a copy yet, I can tell you it's a fabulous issue. Besides the Gypsy Dance spread, the featured artist is Lisa Lichtenfels. Her work is so breathtaking, you simply must see it to believe it. In essence, everyone must run out immediately and get a copy!!

In the meantime, I'd love to rewrite the comments I've made to ADQ about my doll and my vision as an artist in this challenge.

"I feel my creation of Fuscia was driven by passion, focus and compulsion. I'm inspired by people and cultures, my intense wish for common acceptance of diversity and sharing artful journeys with like-minded artistic people. A successful composition is something that makes the viewer think. If my dolls make people think about lessening the distance between people, then they are successful. My dolls are in some way or other mini self-portraits. Each one of them tells the viewer about me. Fuscia, a belly dancer, represents her appreciation for femininity in all cultures."

I'd like to extend a thank you to everyone who has given me encouragement to this point. Seeing my dolls published brings me so much inner strength and pride. It makes me feel like that I've managed to touch others. That is such a wonderful feeling.

I have a fabulous Goblin named 'Pagaz,' who was also published in ADQ in the spring issue of 2006. He now lives in Arizona!

Please look for more dolls and techniques articles beginning this May and right up through the winter, in Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine by Scott Publications.

Thanks so so much everyone for reading and letting me share!
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Baby Steps

This isn't what you think it is! Or maybe it is?
Yes, I admit. I sew babies! Yikes!

There is a method to my madness. The secret is in the joints I posted about yesterday!
That makes the baby sit like a chubby cute baby.
See what I mean?

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