Sunday, April 29, 2007

Faerie Doll Stand

I just finished this very intersting faerie doll stand. It looks like a slice of log- perfect for a faerie!
I didn't really plan it that way, but it came out looking awesome. Best of all, I didn't put too much effort into it!

Materials needed:
  • Round piece of wood
  • Gesso
  • Burnt umber acrylic paint
  • Wooden dowel (or a stick)
  • Drill to make a hole for the stick (in my case, a husband with said drill)
  • Armature wire and needle nose pliers with a wire cutter
  1. Paint the surface and outside edges with gesso. Let it dry.
  2. Go over it with burnt umber paint
  3. Beginning in the middle, use your paintbrush to make a spiral pattern going outward. This will create the log-like appearance. The white gesso shows underneath.
  4. Paint the outside edges.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Drill a hole that can accommodate the dowel and 2 ends of the wire.
  7. Cut a long piece of wire. It should be almost triple the length to the doll's waist.
  8. Insert 2 ends of wire and the stick into the hole and make sure it's snug.
  9. Hold the 2 wires together and wrap them as one around the stick, like a vine.
  10. When you get to the waist, fold the remaining wire in half at the midpoint, so you now have two double wires.
  11. Bend them into a half-circle. It will hold the doll's waist.
  12. Use needle nose pliers to mash the wires together as needed.
  13. Remove the stick and wires, and put wood glue in the hole. Return and allow to dry.
  14. Before the glue dries, paint the wires and the stick. Allow your new stand to dry.
That's it!! Here is a close-up of the "log."

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