Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Charity Doll Drive

Would any of you ladies (and gentlemen) be interested in participating in a charity doll drive for poor Israeli children?

This morning, I received an email from a woman I know from Tzfat, Israel- a remote, mountaintop city I lived in for several years. It's a very special place-cobblestone lanes, mountain air- Tzfat is called 'the mystical city' and the 'city of Kaballah.' It's an inspiring place full of wisdom, wonderful people and- unfortunately- the economy is dreadfully slow. There are many poor children in Tzfat.

This past summer brought war, and Tzfat was bombarded with over 700 rockets. Some people lost their lives, others lost their homes or buisiness. It is a hard time. And the children suffer.

I visited Tzfat this Passover (just over a week ago) and although I loved being back there, I could feel the anguish in the air.

The email was asking for volunteer doll makers, in hopes of spearheading a charity doll campaign for Tzfat children. I thought I would draw on my own resources and ask anyone out there, reading my blog, if you'd like to help.

The dolls should be cloth baby/little girl type dolls that are washable, wearing a skirt or dress, and meant to be played with and loved. There are also many Ethiopian children who would cherish a doll- so ethnic dolls would be greatly appreciated as well.

Here is the link to the organization collecting the dolls:

Dolls should be sent to:
Lev U'Neshama
c/o Smolensky
P.O. Box 6432
Tzfat, 13229

or Rena Cohen
Ha Nassi 45/6
Tzfat, 13102

Please mark parcels as "educational item" and set the value below $40. Although we all know how priceless handmade dolls are, customs will charge a fortune for things mailed from outside Israel if they think they have a good reason to.

If you have a craft blog, will you consider passing this information along t your readers?
If you run an online journal, craft shop, belong to doll group, etc.- won't you please spread the word?

I know there are tons of charities out there- just doing my part in my corner of the world.

Thank You.


  1. Oh definitely count me in. I'll also ask my doll club if they'd like to contribute as well.

  2. Sandra5:55 AM

    I will definitely be in, so will my friend and her son. I am posting this in my multiply account and in my two doll clubs as well,

  3. Sandra5:59 AM

    I will defintely be in this and also my friend and her son. I am posting this in my multiply site and in my two doll clubs as well


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