Saturday, March 10, 2007


Please meet Yoseffa, the model "looking good" eyes doll from the previous post.
Yoseffa is Hebrew for Josephine. I gave the doll this name because I was thinking a lot about my dad lately, whom I miss very much. He always loved that name, Josephine. His father (my Grandfather, may he rest in Peace), was Joseph. He was born in Turkey and spoke many languages- Hebrew, Ladino, Castillian Spanish, Arabic, and more. My ancestors went through the Spanish Inquisition. They fled to Turkey. My family is now in America- and I moved to Israel! Anyway, Yoseffa is an Israeli lady, clad in stylish modest clothing, and a pretty scarf she likes to wear on her hair. She's dressed in purple, one of my favorite colors. Yoseffa is all dressed up because she works in a busy office. She's smart and savvy and has a big family to come home to at the end of the day! In fact, for more than a decade, she was a stay-at-home mom. But her daughters are big now and help out a lot. When she comes home, she has a hot cup of tea almost waiting for her! She really enjoys working after all the years at home. And, she especially enjoys getting all dressed up (maybe a little over dressed?) Good for her!


  1. Rivkah, she came out so beautifully! I don't always get to comment on your blog, but I ALWAYS check it each morning! Your tutorials & hints are extremely easy-to-understand and very much appreciated. And your dolls? Marvelous! This lovely lady - as well as her story - just great!

  2. Yoseffa is a beautiful doll! And I like her story too.

    (My mother-in-law's family also came to America via Turkey/Greece. The village belonged to both countries at different times. She told me a story about having her mother write her school's Spanish assignment. She was caught because it turned out to be in Ladino not Spanish.) :-)

  3. She is just beautiful - I love her tailored jacket. My aunt's family escaped from the Spanish Inquisition also but I don't remember where they relocated to.

  4. She is beautiful. I love her and her story.

  5. Great story for Yoseffa. She's lovely. And your painting above is amazing.

  6. Anonymous11:26 PM

    oh Got, she's beautiful!!!♥


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