Thursday, March 01, 2007

MyThree Living Dolls

My daughters are all dressed up in costumes today in celebration of the Jewish holiday of PURIM.
PURIM is a fabulous Jewish holiday. Children of all ages dress up in costumes and share treats, participate in fun parties and have a wonderful time. It's a time for sharing and excitement. In Israel, all schools have carnivals and incredible fun in the days before the Holiday.
Purim's festivities mark the day that the wicked Haman- advisor of King Ahasveurush of the ancient Persian Empire- was foiled in his plot of total Jewish Genocide. Since the King ruled the entire civilized world in those days, there was literally no escape. Jews everywhere bonded together as brothers, donned sackcloth and ashes, fasted and prayed with ferver for G.od to turn the decree around and save them from being wiped off the face of the earth. Thus, the tradition has always been to wear costumes to remind us of the importance of ending strife, living in harmony and the fact that we can completely change a bad situation if we remember to respect and appreciate one another, and return to our Father in Heaven. This concept strikes home with every nation and religion, I think. Especially the way the world is now- wouldn't that be nice! (I'll just keep making dolls, it's the best therapy I know! hehe)

Anyway, I want to "show off"a little bit, and show you what my daughters dressed up as -two faeries and a pirate!

My oldest daughter's inspiration for dressing as a faerie in dark colors comes from a doll in Wendy Froud's new book.

My "middle" daughter loves pirate movies. Takes after her mom, who loves the old cowboys and indians flicks! Used to watch 'em with my dad....

This is my youngest. She loves faeries too, and her favorite color is orange.

They all looked so cute this morning on their way to school. It is so much fun today, seeing all the kids in Israel walking around in costumes everywhere.
Oh- and Purim isn't just for kids- some people really like to dress up. It's very funny to see people doing ordinary activities in costume. I went into town this morning and saw plenty of adults dressed in their best.... imagine waiting in line inside the bank behind a woman with a bubble gum pink wig, children's fake jewelrey and raggedy ann socks wearing a pair of crocs shoes.... It's just great. The best was a lady I saw waiting for the bus. She was smoking a cigarette, standing in that "leaning" position, you know with her hip darting out- wearing a huge, long JESTER hat with bells. Oh I wish I had a camera! I was giggling so much today.

It's really wonderful. Especially for someone like me who is so "into dolls.." Lucky for me, I have three living dolls for a day!



  1. They look gorgeous!

  2. What gorgeous young ladies, Rivkah! They all 3 look like you! And I love their attire! VERY cool!

  3. Beautiful daughters! And so much fun to have people everywhere dress up for Purim. I'm debating whether to go to shul tonight for the Megillah reading. They're supposed to be doing a version of "American Idol" but instead it'll be the search for the new queen. They always end up doing something fun. But only the players and the little kids dress up.


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