Monday, February 12, 2007

Prayers needed for Susanna Oroyan

This morning I received this bit of news about our beloved teacher, Susanna Oroyan, who has given so much to the doll world with her wonderful books and knowledge on the art of dollmaking:

Susie is in Sacred Heart Hospital with an extreme reaction to chemo and radiation, she is heavily sedated while they are trying to stablize her. Her family has asked that we send cards. No phone calls or visitors. Please send the cards tonight or tomorrow. Her mother says the cards work wonders for her morale.

While you are at it add her to you prayer list and if your church has a prayer chain add her to it.

We all love Susie and want her to get through this...

The address for Sacred Heart is
Susanna Oroyan
c/o Sacred Heart Hospital
1255 Hillyard room 652
Eugene, OR 97401


  1. Susanna has given such inspiration to so many of us world wide. Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with her for her recovery.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the sad news. I've sent a card to help with her recovery.


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