Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pod Faerie Baby

Look at what I found while walking through the woods! (oh Rivkah, there are no 'woods' in your neighborhood, just a bunch of buildings and houses, and some stores!) teehee

Okay, I made it. Isn't it cute? The baby is lying in a pod filled with "faerie pearls." (or, more accurately precious fimo!) I find these pod things lying around all over the place, almost all the time. They just lie there on the sidewalk. I think they are kinda cool!

I actually got this idea from Dawn Shiller. She makes these awesome little pod creatures she calls Seidh. I am not sure how large her pods are, but mine are quite small and difficult to sculpt in. Maybe she is more talented than I am, that's definitely possible! Take a look at her work, it is amazing.

Some other time, time I'll give you a tutorial on some techniques I used. Besides sculpting in polymer clay, I discovered interesting things about these pods themselves. I used Genesis paint, and I really think there needs to be a tutorial out there on how to use it ... I had to teach myself to use these paints as they are a bit 'different.'

More later!


  1. What a darling little pod baby. You did an awesome job.

  2. Your pod baby turned out wonderful!! Aren't they fun to do? And thanx for linking to the Seidh...=-)


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