Thursday, February 15, 2007

A doll instructor's dream come true......How to share big files and photos without email attachments

If you write doll classes, share notes or patterns with doll groups or friends- or even teach online- you know what a time-consuming pain in the !%#^*& it can be to transfer all your files. We're all worried about viruses, computers crashing and stuff getting lost. ("STOP Rivkah, don't remind me!" you say...)

There is a solution, though. I have been doing this for quite some time, and it dawned on me that I should share it! It's a web-based file storage service called eSnips.

What is it?

Simply upload all of your documents to the internet, create folders or what have you, and send people invitations to view whatever it is you want them to see. They retrieve your files and download them to their own computer. Easy, simple, and very convenient. Gotta love it!

For example, let's say I have a class about a doll called "Mootsie Tootsie." There are 6 lessons (6 separate Word documents) and 5 pattern pages. WOW now that's a lot of files. Instead of spending hours emailing it all, (to more than one person no doubt) and stuffing people's mailbox- I put my folders on esnips, where they live happily ever after. They are always there when I need them.

Here's how it's done:
On the eSnips website, I create a folder called "Mootsie Tootsie". In the folder is "class 1, "class 2," etc., pattern page 1, pattern page 2, and so on. I could upload 100 documents and 499 pictures if I want... The entire folder now has a permanent home "up there" in cyberspace, and anybody who I want to see it can do so- and take the files down by themselves. It can be private, requiring an invitation to view, or public, so everyone and their granny can have a look. If my computer crashes (and I had that happen a few times), no worry. My files are still there!

Genius, isn't it?
I love this service. (By the way, it's free!)

Try it, I think you will like it too. Spread the word to your doll maker friends...
And tell them, Rivkah from Israel told ya!

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